Building a new future

INVENT is a one-stop platform for encouraging founders from IITs to showcase their journey, listen to distinguished keynotes by renowned founders, and interact with some of the most eminent venture capitalists of the world. Featuring startups in domains ranging from environmental issues to the global economy and everything in between, this virtual competition would provide an experience of a lifetime to pitch innovative ideas, engage in insightful conversations, and emerge out bigger and better.



Opening Remarks | 10:00 AM – 10:10 AM PST


Startup Kickoff Panel | 10:20 AM – 11:15 AM PST





Spotlight #1 | 11:15 PM – 2:00 PM PST






  • Electriphi
  • Nimbella
  • CurieAi
  • N5 Technologies
  • Alan AI
  • True Dat
  • Near-Miss Management
  • Unscrambl
  • Amruta
  • EMAlpha
  • Heidi
  • AgileDD
  • RocketML
  • I-Stem
  • TrackIO

Fireside Chat | 10:40 AM – 11:45 AM PST





Spotlight #2 | 12:45 PM – PM 1:45 PST






  • i2Chain 
  • Poise
  • Formcept
  • SafineAI
  • Hwy Haul
  • Koopid
  • Contiq

Some Key Highlights

  • Keynote fireside chat between Mohit Aron (IIT Delhi, Founder Nutanix and Cohesity) and Carl Eschenbach (Partner, Sequoia Capital)
  • Startup Spotlight and Startup Showcase sessions, to allow for maximum exposure to IITian co-founded startups
  • A special session on “Entrepreneurs as key to building the Future“, co-hosted by Raj Jaswa, faculty at IIT Bombay’s Desai Sethi Centre for Entrepreneurship, and by Monishi Sanyal, Founder and Manoj Goel, President of  IIT Startups, a nonprofit accelerator dedicated to educating and mentoring startups

Notable IIT alumni participating as funda-men and funda-women, providing feedback to participants

Participate in INVENT to…

    1. Exhibit your startup to a stellar panel of eminent investors, entrepreneurs, think-tanks as well as mentors in addition to a discerning global audience of potential customers and business partners.
    2. Connect directly with the experienced PanIIT global diaspora.
    3. Attend keynotes and panel discussions by world-class speakers
    4. Involve and lead discussions to shape the future.
    5. Get featured in newsletters, stories and interviews – before, during as well as post-event.
    6. Grow your team by inspiring some of the brightest minds globally and open up doors to recruitment. 
    7. Learn from other successful entrepreneurs as they share stories of their entrepreneurial journey.
    8. Connect with a plethora of other startups to exchange ideas, find fruitful synergies and enhance your business.
    9. Access our educational content, informative talks and innovative roundtables that you can take back and share valuable knowledge with your team post-event.
    10. Above all; gain funding opportunities and recognitions in multiple categories – everyone emerges out as a winner!


PanIIT USA is proud to host one of the world’s largest virtual summit, IIT2020:Future is Now. This conference will bring together change makers, innovators and thinkers, to innovate and inspire us all to rethink the future of humanity.

IIT2020 will focus on the global economy, technology innovation, health infrastructure, habitat conservation, food innovation, and universal education. How do we create sustainable solutions for over 10 billion global citizens? How is the New Normal manifesting itself across the globe – across economy, health, education? And how are you contributing to this transformation?

The Future is invented when we let our imaginations soar beyond current paradigms to find innovative, sustainable solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Join Us in this mega event to help Engineer the Future.

The conference is “Open to all

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Sanjiv Goyal

Witty Bindra

Animesh Pathak

Sukriti Bhardwaj

Karan Modi

Ashu Garg

Bhavya Jain

Vipin Kumar

Ujjwal katiyar

Subhanjali Gupta

Anmol Goyal

Diksha Singh

Anshul Sahai

Aryan Singh

Anshul Thakur

Ajitesh Pandey

V.Rudheer Pamar


Abhishek Sharma

Satyendra Singh

Jatin Gulati

Venkat Sunderarajan

Saksham Gupta

Swadeep Pillarisetti